The Silvey Safety Council was formed in an effort to have a governing body overseeing the safety initiatives of the company.  The committee fulfills two different functions: 1. Strategic function 2. Tactical function. The strategic function of the council has a long-term vision. Its goal is to refocus the current corporate culture on safety where the organization will make safety its priority in all aspects. The tactical function of the body assures the day-to-day implementation of safety processes to achieve the strategic vision.

The Safety Council represents all levels of the organization—executive leadership, managerial level, project executives and field level. Meetings are held every quarter to review the overall status of the company. Safety statistics, any incidents, the progress of safety programs and other safety related matters are discussed at the council. Precautionary and corrective actions are then recommended for implementation.

The committee aims to identify, communicate, evaluate and capitalize on opportunities to maintain a safe working environment for employees of Aubrey Silvey and the contractors working on its projects. The Safety Council ensures all levels of the organization are taken into consideration in revising or implementing new corporate safety policies to benefit all.